Dear IT; a letter to the industry.

8 June 2020

I’m sure you’ve heard the chatter. And you’ve probably experienced the sting of clichés. You’re too rigid. Out of touch. Disconnected. The slow, inflexible, reactive, complex, and process-heavy type. Ignorant to the needs of business. Your old way of thinking is now obsolete. You’ve been buffering for a while now; remaining frustrated. For too long, you’ve been put in a box.

It’s time to challenge these labels with some hard questions; arrive at smarter solutions. Show business people their perspectives have been skewed. By improving the business to IT relationship through people; putting them first. Because when you have a business, you have people. And when you understand people, you understand business.

Speak a shared language, filling the communication void. Aligning purpose to come together for a common cause. To create better customer experiences. Changing minds with fresh thinking. Redefining yourselves through action. Coming out from the shadows to show your faces; your human side. With personality and passion. Because technology only connects us, but our humanity will bring us together.

Katrina Macdermid


ITIL Trainer

©Katrina Macdermid


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