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A people-oriented approach to learning IT.

An accredited ITIL Master in the ITIL 4 framework, I focus on people over processes into new business areas. It’s what makes the difference. My training frameworks weave design thinking fundamentals to ensure customers are at the heart of service outcomes. Using empathy as a centrepiece, training embeds meaningful delivery, support and continual improvement methods.

Human Centred

Because I think about people not just about processes.

Training in context; not simply by the book.

Training is only engaging when it’s meaningful. I ensure both bases are covered, converting complex and siloed processes into simplified and practical business outcomes. Identifying your unique service proposition, I gain insight into your values, value streams, culture, service management maturity, pain points, and successes to design training initiatives  relevant to your organisation. 

A certified ITIL Master, I focus on people over processes . It’s what makes the difference. Focusing on you and what’s important to your organisation, I use an interactive and collaborative approach, where learners are empowered to construct meaning based on their own experiences.
During my ITIL 4 training, my emphasis is on people over processes bringing attention to the end-user experience. My human and holistic approach focuses not only on the technology  but also on the human experience. Recently introduced, I have created a blended learning facilitation model,  leveraging the advantages of online learning being complimented by online faciliation.

ITIL ® Global Ambassador & Author for ITIL Version 4.

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Fill the void between IT and business by connecting them with people-focused solutions.


Proving to the world that IT values the human side of business.


A world where technology connects us but humanity brings us together.

“Course was excellent, Kat’s approach was fun, collaborative and to my surprise, she has convinced me ITIL rocks.”



ITIL Trainer

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